April 25, 2018

12 reasons an all-flash data centre makes good business sense

• 12 reasons an all-flash data centre makes good business

By: Richard Blewitt, Sales Director at Aptronics

As your business increases its reliance on software applications and always-on access, even the smallest amount of downtime can have serious consequences. Choosing to move to an all-flash data centre will see your business optimise performance, capacity and cost across all applications – not just the mission critical ones – to enjoy unprecedented uptime, integration and predictive analytics that will prevent issues likely to cause downtime. The bonus? Your business will be future-proofed whether you prefer to keep your data centre on-premise or in the public cloud.

Nimble by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers the industry’s most advanced and sophisticated flash storage portfolio that makes sure your business doesn’t suffer from the notorious App-Data Gap that disrupts applications and makes users wait, leading to productivity and business losses and customer dissatisfaction.

Here are 12 ways an all-flash data centre solution like Nimble will give your business a competitive edge:

  1. Fast, reliable data access means that virtual desktops and online transaction processing no longer need to wait for storage systems to deliver data.
  2. Flash storage can be optimised for any workload, whether on-premise or in the cloud.
  3. All-flash arrays deliver the highest performance for mission-critical database applications.
  4. Adaptive flash arrays deliver cost-effective high performance for other workloads too.
  5. Secondary flash arrays let you back up efficiently, without impacting on running workloads.
  6. Prevent downtime with InfoSight predictive analytics.
  7. Eliminate silos and deploy flash everywhere, for all workloads
  8. Transparently migrate data.
  9. Scale on demand – cluster arrays together or scale up by swapping in a faster control module. Whatever you choose, you won’t suffer any downtime.
  10. InfoSight predictive AI means you’ll never run out of capacity – ever.
  11. Efficient, fully integrated data protection means quick and cost-effective disaster recovery.
  12. 9999% guaranteed availability means you can count on less than 25 seconds of downtime a year – if even that much.

Add in transparent data migration and a simple on-ramp to the cloud and it’s easy to see why flash data centres make quick and simple business sense.

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