April 4, 2018

Aptronics Employee becomes First Certified SUSE Enterprise Architect in South Africa

Gavin Hagemeier

Gavin Hagemeier, Technical Team Lead for Open Source at Aptronics, has become the first certified SUSE Enterprise Architect (SEA) in South Africa.

Enterprise open source infrastructure solution provider, SUSE (System und Software Entwicklung – German for System and Software Development), recently named Aptronics their first Solution Partner in South Africa for the areas of SUSE Enterprise Linux and Storage. This required the ICT services and solutions provider to train their staff to handle the work that will come with the partnership, and Hagemeier has now obtained the necessary qualification to put it into action.

“Software-defined storage is a growing trend,” Hagemeier said. “Customers are looking for the same feature set and reliability at a lower cost compared to traditional storage, and Aptronics is now able to better meet that demand.”

SUSE is one of the oldest Linux companies in the world, and a market leader with the operating system. Their Enterprise Linux distribution has delivered ground-breaking innovations, such as the highly scalable Enterprise software-defined storage product built on Ceph. This, and other solutions are now available to South African organisations, through Aptronics.

“We are able to offer the full SUSE stack to our clients,” said Hagemeier. “This includes SUSE OpenStack Cloud, Containers as a Service, Enterprise Storage, and System Management.”

In order to become a SUSE Certified Administrator, Hagemeier had to obtain three administrator (level 1) certifications, two engineer (level 2) certifications, and one other certification from any track of his choosing. He met all the necessary requirements through a combination of online, class-based, and self-study.

“I now have a much deeper understanding of the full SUSE stack,” he said. “With this new knowledge, I can proficiently assist clients with their Enterprise Open Source requirements.”

Organisations looking to find out more about SUSE and what it can do for their business should contact Aptronics for more information.

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