November 24, 2013

Aptronics’ senior architects qualify for HP Master ASE certification

HP Master ASE Certification

Aptronics exceeded HP’s minimum requirements for platinum partnership status after five of the company’s senior architects achieved certification of the HP Master ASE course and exam in October 2013.

Keith Newnham, Service Manager at Aptronics, said that the HP Master ASE exam is designed to test a combination of technical expertise, experience in the field and design best practice. It is a critical evaluation of an individual’s ability to design high end storage solutions that deliver both business and IT benefits at a cost effective price. This in a highly complex and competitive arena.

“We believe that the certification of these senior resources differentiates Aptronics from other IT solutions providers and reinforces our commitment to staff development and customer service delivery,” adds Newnham.

“There’s a matrix of qualifications, sales, and service delivery across HP’s enterprise level technology portfolio entailed in acquiring HP Platinum partnership. Platinum ranking is the highest partner status in the converged infrastructure space, which includes cloud, data centers and high-end storage solutions, all of which are our primary focuses.”

Looking to the future, he added that the HP Master ASE certification is not just about storage, but that it was about storage in a converged infrastructure solution. He said that storage is becoming bigger, better and cheaper and that the secret was managing the data on disparate storage devices.

“Think about it this way: what is big data? It is all kinds of information stored on devices. Essentially, however, the challenge is mining the information easily. Storage has become complex and leading edge and, for this reason, it is key. Aptronics got involved in the storage game early on, and developed storage engineers before it became a trend. We look at technology directions and how they will become important, deployed and most importantly supported within our customer base,” says Newnham.

Anil ‘Appie’ Pema, CEO at Aptronics, says, “We are extremely proud of the architects who achieved this highly sought after certification. It underlines our continued investment in our team and enables us to provide robust, cost-efficient solutions to our customers. Achieving this qualification was not simply a question of training and writing, but it was also about validating the knowledge gained over the years.”

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