Aptronics Engineer becomes the first Veeam Certified Architect

Claude Schuck of Veeam and Johan Grove of Aptronics

Veeam® Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™, has introduced an advanced course for system engineers, Veeam Certified Engineer (Advanced: Design and Optimisation V1), with Johannesburg-engineer, Johan Grové of Aptronics becoming the first Veeam Certified Architect in South Africa.

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The immutable ledger: How Blockchain will transform your business

The immutable ledger: How Blocjchain will transform your business

Cryptocurrency may be in its infancy, but like the internet – the technology used to manage and distribute it – its adoption has been far reaching and its implications are enormous. Today, business could not survive without the internet, and in the future, I can’t imagine a business not engaging with cryptocurrency, or one of its underlying technologies at least: Blockchain.

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Six questions to ask yourself before relocating your data centre

Six questions to ask before relocating your data centre

An organisation may choose to migrate its data centre for any number of reasons. Migrations may be necessitated by a data consolidation after a business merger, the changing needs of a growing business, an end-of-lease situation, a decision to move to the cloud, and many other factors besides.

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