Six reasons to consider cloud in your SME

Six reasons to consider cloud in SME

Enterprises have begun exploring cloud-based infrastructure, but SMEs stand to benefit the most from this transition. In 2014, World Wide Worx found that 22% of SMEs in South Africa were using cloud services, which equates to a 13% increase from two years earlier. More and more Aptronics clients from the SME space are enquiring about the benefits a move to cloud infrastructure could offer their business.

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The new style of IT is coming: are you ready?

A new style of IT is coming

This year’s HP ExpertOne Technology & Solutions Summit [ETSS] saw several trending topics emerge that have interesting implications for those in the ICT industry. The one question that seemed to underpin the technologies on show was how to take waves of information and make them meaningful. The emphasis is turning toward data and ensuring that the handling of it is as fast, secure and efficient as possible, even if it means radically redesigning the hardware.

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The second phase of virtualisation


Today, server virtualisation has almost become a de facto commodity that businesses are utilising in their IT infrastructure. Even so, one of the common concerns is how it can become “invisible”, where a business can find itself running multiple systems without knowing exactly what each is doing or whether they are actually required for the business.

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