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Remote Work Report

With COVID-19 spreading globally, Aptronics and Lakeside Software are offering support to help you manage the productivity and user experience of your employees currently working remotely.


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Teleconference Solutions

 How can your organisation stay productive andsafe during the Covid-19 pandemic? The best solution is to provide employeeswith the means to access chat, video and conference systems so they cancommunicate with each other

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Enterprise Assistance Huawei Cloud

HUAWEI CLOUD Provides a Wealth of Cloud Services for 12 Months Free

Register with HUAWEI CLOUD to get 1500-hour free usage quotas for 12 months for 10 hot cloud services.

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Web Security Offering

 Remote working is skyrocketing in these trying times, and we want to help protect your remote employees from web-based cyber-attacks. You can Sign up for Mimecast’s fully featured Web Security Service. We’ll give it to you for 90 days – no strings attached.

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Business Continuity Solutions from VMWare

  Unplanned events such as COVID-19 and travel restrictions make it nearly impossible to continue “business as usual.” To ensure your business can continue normal operations, you need to enable your employees to work remotely and maintain productivity

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