Enterprise Mobility

Coping with mobility in an era where there seems to be no halting the new bells and whistles becoming available in the consumer context (and placing pressure on the enterprise) isn’t easy. And as always, Aptronics is here to help.

Smartphones and tablets have changed the working world by allowing people the freedom to work from anywhere there is power and connectivity, while also introducing consumers to the convenience of mobile computing.

Consumer tech evolves faster than business tech, however, and the end-user experience of a commercial tablet or smartphone quickly became considerably slicker than that offered by enterprise-grade mobile devices. As those consumer devices became more mainstream, workers came to expect a similar level of ease and convenience in the devices they use for work.

Meeting those expectations in the enterprise has introduced a slew of new challenges for every organisation’s IT department. Now, not only does IT need to find ways to secure those devices, but they need to service them with consumer-like functionality that also support business objectives.

Which is why more and more businesses are deploying enterprise app stores that offer the ease and convenience people are used to from their phone and tablet manufacturers’ ecosystems, and virtual desktop infrastructure that lets employees work remotely but which also keeps sensitive corporate data off their devices.

At Aptronics, we understand this consumerisation of IT, especially in the enterprise mobility context, and are ready to use our years of experience to help business IT make the necessary adjustments. We can assist with implementing policies, processes and security strategies around enterprise mobility that will not only meet your business objectives, but also please your staff with the kind of functionality they desire.

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