HPE Nimble Storage

Predictive flash storage smart enough
to make 86% of problems disappear.1

The power of predictive

When apps slow down you’ve hit the app-data gap. HPE Nimble Storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to deliver greater than 99.9999% guaranteed availability.2 But faster storage alone isn’t enough, because 54% of issues aren’t directly caused by Storage.1


guaranteed availability across the entire Nimble installed base.2


of issues automatically predicted and resolved.2

of problems resolved are outside of storage.2

Redefining the standard for system availability

How Nimble Storage uses predictive analytics to achieve more than six nines availability across its entire installed base

Cloud ready when you are

Experience Hybrid IT. Easily move data between the public cloud and your data center with HPE Cloud Volumes.

Cloud on-ramp

Avoid slow, manual migrations. Easily on-ramp, move, and backup data between your data center and multiple clouds with HPE Cloud Volumes.

No lock-in

Prevent lock-in and large data egress charges. Enterprise-grade multicloud storage service supports applications in AWS and Azure.


Millions of times more durable than native cloud elastic block storage. Includes data center-to-cloud replication, instant snapshots and clones, and 256-bit granular encryption.

Flash here. Flash everywhere.

Multicloud flash fabric creates an easy to use, single flash architecture across a multicloud environment. Deploy workloads flexibly on primary storage, secondary storage, and in the public cloud. Easily migrate and manage data between on-premises and off-premises locations.

Nimble Storage
All-Flash Arrays

Deliver predictive, cloud-ready, all-flash storage with greater than 99.9999% guaranteed availability.2

Nimble Storage
Adaptive Flash Arrays

Combine flash performance, efficiency to suit mixed mainstream workloads.

Nimble Storage
Secondary Flash Arrays

Put your backup data to work. Secondary flash arrays combine flash, deduplication and predictive analytics for cost-effective backup and DR with the performance needed to run real workloads.

Cloud Volumes
HPE Cloud Volumes

An enterprise-grade multi-cloud storage service for running your enterprise applications on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

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