Mail Security as a Service

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Mail forms a key part of any modern business, and while it has its benefits, it is the number on attack vector for cyber criminals which poses a substantial security risk as email-based attacks continue to grow more sophisticated in their deception.

With thousands of new scams and fresh malware being deployed by criminals daily, email security is clearly a priority but your IT administration teams already have their hands full.

Reinventing cybersecurity to solve business dilemmas

Aptronics has the expert resources and specialist skills to deliver a total managed Mail Security service through a comprehensive secure email gateway. We’ll help you reduce the complexity of protecting your people and data from malware, spam and theft.

Aptronics Mail Security as a Service powered by Mimecast

Your enterprise can put our in-depth understanding of local regulatory and compliance control requirements to work with an end-to-end managed mail security service.

Cloud-based scalable email security gateway

Email-related threats such as malware, spam, spear-phishing attacks and denial of service attacks are all stopped in the Mimecast cloud.

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Reduce email-borne risk, improve performance

Known and emerging email threats are stopped before they reach the network, improving the performance of your email server.

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User-oriented protection

Every URL in inbound mail is rewritten to point to Mimecast’s threat intelligence cloud, so employees are protected from phishing and targeted attacks if they click through.

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Pre-emptive, intelligent action

Email attachments are scanned in a secure sandbox and converted to threat-less formats to protect against weaponised attachments and malicious content.

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The right skills at the right time

Using Mimecast Email Security, the most complete cloud-based security and compliance solution available, we can deliver a secure email service across your organisation.

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Benefits of Aptronics Mail Security as a Service

Mitigate risk of spear-phishing and other advanced email threats

Protect your people against social engineering and impersonation attacks, like whaling.

Enable effortless email encryption and secure delivery

Reduce complexity of protecting against spam, malware and data leakage.

Highest levels of expertise and skills

Leverage our understanding of the email security landscape, including business continuity.

Reduce security and compliance headaches

Deep understanding of local regulations and associated controls and their effect on business.

Gain the forensic advantage

Perform forensic searches on organisation-wide email, particularly useful in litigation and audits.