Security Monitoring as a Service

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The Dark Web never slumbers and organisations are under constant attack from cyber criminals. Expecting your IT administration team to handle around-the-clock monitoring is unrealistic.

Setting up and staffing a 24x7x365 security monitoring centre to protect your organisation from data leaks and cybercrime can be unbelievably challenging and costly.

Reinventing cybersecurity to solve business dilemmas

We’ve made it possible for your organisation to benefit from our specialist skills and world-class technologies at a fraction of the cost, through a Security Monitoring as a Service managed offering.

Aptronics Security Monitoring as a Service

Delivered through the our Cyber Defence Centre, provides a cost-effective subscription-based 24x7x365 security operations centre (SoC) for resource-sensitive businesses.

Continuous monitoring and incident management

Regardless of where attackers strike; defend against ransomware and other emerging threats with multi-layered protection that fuses signature-less technologies with proven protection capabilities.

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Contextual insight through security reporting

Increased awareness through periodic reporting of critical controls, compliance concerns and incidents.

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Simplifying compliance with automation

Assistance from certified professionals in meeting compliance obligations around PCI-DSS, HIPAA, PoPI, etc.

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Ongoing health monitoring and feedback

Log management requirements are met and system health is regularly checked and assured.

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Delivered with the human touch

One-on-one regular consultations with your EiQ Security Analyst to recap security concerns and system health on a monthly basis.

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Benefits of Aptronics Security Monitoring as a Service

The right skills without the massive price tag

Certified EiQ SOC Analysts manage your on-premise deployment without the full-time costs.

Around-the-clock monitoring

Gain confidence from known that your security posture is monitored 24/7.

On-premise service delivery

Sensitive security data does not leave the organisation.