December 14, 2013

5 Things to consider before embracing cloud

Despite the popularity of cloud computing, many of the services associated with this often misunderstood and somewhat ambiguous product sector are still in their infancy. To some degree, the frantic rush to take information into the cloud has encouraged the emergence of many immature offerings that are not yet well enough equipped to handle corporate demands.

With this in mind, what should a business consider before walking away from on premise systems to warehouse sensitive information within a remote data centre? Here are five key points.


Is the solution that you’re considering truly secure? Although major proprietary cloud products do offer fairly rigid license agreements, less popular start up packages may not have to answer to the same standards.

Presently, the cloud environment is highly unregulated and many service providers are unwilling to take responsibility for lost or stolen information.

Ultimately, if your data is critical to the bottom line – keep it on premise.


Cloud solutions are often advertised at low rates to attract executives looking to quickly and cheaply solve business challenges

Unfortunately, many offerings of this nature are accompanied by ‘hidden’ implementation and maintenance costs – leaving the customer with few options to take their business elsewhere.


Remember, embracing a popular cloud service often means surrendering control of how and where your data is kept. If your industry is highly regulated or confidential in nature it is always best to investigate beforehand.


One of the primary perceived benefits associated with cloud services is increased flexibility. The option to provision software and computing capacity according to current needs can be a useful tool to businesses operating in fluctuating or seasonal markets.

Despite this, many cloud offerings lock users in to prescribed packages. Extricating yourself from these can be difficult; always take time to understand what you’re signing up for.


Although bandwidth is not as significant a barrier towards cloud entry as it once was, accessing complex applications via a hosted platform does require substantial capacity.

If you are planning to outsource mission critical functions to the cloud then it may be prudent to consult a technology professional well versed in this field beforehand

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