September 8, 2014

Aptronics recognised for its empowerment of women in business

Aptronics recognised for its empowerment of women in business

The Top Women in Business and Government publication named Aptronics as a leader in gender empowerment among South African business in 2014.

The publication surveyed 6 400 companies to compile an accurate ranking and benchmarking report – with just over a quarter of respondents being able to qualify against stringent criteria.

Addressing the importance of gender in the company’s empowerment efforts, Aptronics’ Chief Financial Officer Chetna Pema said:

“We are proud to be recognised for our efforts in promoting a diverse and healthy company culture. One of our goals since the start has been to create a culture that rewards the achievements of women.”

Research has shown that the employment and empowerment of women in business benefits the organisation in which it takes place. Despite this, there remains a stigma against women in many companies that manifests in a gender gap. Women are often overlooked when it comes to promotion and wages, particularly in the tech field.

Through its annual survey, Top Women in Business and Government recognises companies that are proactive in gender support. In addition, the organisation partners with major players in business and politics to create initiatives through publishing, online, awards programmes and networking dinners.

According to Pema, Aptronics will continue to take an active role in developing women within its organisation. “We believe that empowerment should never just be a project – it’s something that needs to be put into effect on a day-to-day, minute-by-minute basis.”

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