People are the most important resources in any business. That is why they need easy, secure access to your organisation’s data, tools and systems from anywhere in order to carry on servicing your customers

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Thanks to COVID-19, remote work is no longer optional. Remote productivity is the new standard and making this happens seamlessly and securely depends on your organisation’s ability to implement the right technology.

Aptronics end-user computing solutions and productivity offerings allow companies to streamline their infrastructure, free up resources and rapidly improve collaboration to boost business performance.


 It’s a struggle to offset processes, security and compliance requirements against end-user computing demands

Provisioning new employees for remote work is more costly and time-consuming than it needs to be

Hardware failures, app compatibility issues; too much time spent managing updates and endpoints

Paying for licenses that aren’t being used, lack of specification for end-user devices

User complaints about hanging, slow machines and poor application responsiveness

 Aptronics applies artificial intelligence across the entire lifecycle, switching on a big-picture view of your entire organisation’s end-user profiles.

From commissioning and provisioning, to management and administration, our analytics capability allows us to develop a deep understanding of your users and business needs.

We provide the foundation for the productive workforce your business needs during challenging times

Our consultative, analytics-driven approach creates a well-rounded end-user productivity solution tailored specifically for your people

We can upgrade and migrate application environments using containerisation without disrupting your people at work

We understand that every user is unique, with their own access demands and working requirements

Aptronics end-user computing solution reduces licensing costs, supports desk queries and simplifies troubleshooting to save time and money that can be better allocated to innovative efforts.

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