May 15, 2018

Create new controls on IT with composable infrastructure

Create new controls on IT with composable infrastructure

Technology and enterprise solutions are evolving faster than the speed of great ideas, meaning that barriers to entry into new IT environments are lower than ever before. With so many new products, developments and solutions entering the fray, it can be overwhelming to even start researching which solution will future-proof your enterprise – never mind choosing which is the best for your business.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has made it possible for you to take back control of your IT resources, with the world’s first truly composable infrastructure – a hybrid IT engine that enables digital transformation with fluid resource pools, a unified API, and software-defined intelligence that bridges traditional and new applications.

Why should you consider a composable infrastructure hybrid for your business?

  • It can run anything – and resources can be configured to the specific needs of each application.
  • It moves faster. HPE Synergy pools and provisions composable resources together using repeatable templates.
  • It scales seamlessly. Auto-integrating infrastructure makes simple and automated at rack/row scale.
  • It unlocks value. A unified API and single line of code enables seamless integration with dozens of popular management tools.
  • One tool, one step. HPE Synergy composer leverages integrated software-defined intelligence to accelerate operations through a single interface, allowing you to precisely compose and recompose logical infrastructures.

Composable IT infrastructure means you can eliminate costly silos, free up resources and simplify IT operations, while deploying at cloud-like speed and scale. Automating everyday operations will increase productivity, while developer-friendly fully-programmable infrastructure lets your dev team build, test and deploy applications faster than ever before.

With IT and business strategy more closely linked than ever before, speed and agility in every sphere of your enterprise is quite simply a have-to-have if it is to successfully adapt to the new realities of the idea economy, where winners turn ideas into reality at the speed of imagination, and workforces are productive wherever they may be.

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