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Cybersecurity has become more complicated than it needs to be, thanks to:

  • Cyber threats that constantly shape shift and rapidly multiply
  • A diversity of endpoint devices and operating systems
  • The fact that certain systems often sit outside network defenses

No longer just about antivirus, instead endpoint security must be a combination of sophisticated security controls that work together to manage all aspects of endpoint threat mitigation.

Rethinking cybersecurity to solve business problems

Aptronics provides endpoint security on demand powered by Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) to defend against attacks that threaten the confidentiality, integrity and availability of endpoint assets.

We can help your organisation to meet stringent compliance requirements in a sustainable manner with multi-layered protection that delivers the ability to see and manage all endpoints from a single high-performance agent and management console.

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Industry-leading effective protection for all endpoints

Regardless of where attackers strike; defend against ransomware and other emerging threats with multi-layered protection that fuses signature-less technologies with proven protection capabilities.

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Realise integrated cyber defence at scale

Detect threats anywhere and respond with SEP by integrating with network security infrastructure, such as web and email gateways, simplifying automated responses by integrating easily into existing IT architecture.

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Enhanced security with a high-performance solution

Optimise content frequency updates, boost performance with a lightweight agent and antivirus set and benefit from faster scanning times thanks to patented real-time cloud lookup and speed detection.

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Benefits of Aptronics Endpoint Security as a Service

Simplify endpoint protection

Easy on-boarding, management and protection of users on any endpoint.


Self-service enabled

Users can enroll their own devices to enable protection and corporate access.

Maintain proactive security stance

Detect and prevent advanced threats and mutating malware.

Shrink exploitable attack surface

Minimise risk by reducing to the smallest possible footprint.

Endpoint security on-demand

Fully managed reporting, health checks, incident management and security maintenance.

Transparent, predictable costing

Affordable access to specialist security skills with per device subscription pricing.

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