June 8, 2018

Get server-smart as you plan IT services growth

If your business is focused on delivering your ideas, products and services better and more quickly than your competitors, chances are that it’s using software in some way to achieve this. That means that IT is at the heart of your business, and not hidden away in the basement somewhere, only called on when something goes wrong.

Similarly, no matter the size of your business, it’s handling data – all day every day. And data security needs to be a top priority – not just because legislation requires it, but because it is essential to building trust with your customers, growing your reputation as a serious player, and protecting your business from cyber criminals.

With IT at the centre of your business, a 360-degree approach is essential to any infrastructure modernisation plans you may have, with the potential to gain and accelerate business insights across the hybrid world of traditional IT, public cloud and private cloud growth strategies.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has introduced its Gen10 Servers, that help businesses adapt their IT fast, with Intelligent System Tuning, HPE Scalable Persistent Memory, and advances in server networking and storage.

They offer unique security features, including best-in-class innovation in firmware protection, malware detection and firmware recovery.

And, with an increasing focus on controlling CapEx and OpEx, businesses can control their spend with the ability to only pay for server resources used, scaling on demand without overprovisioning or incurring unexpected costs.

HPE Gen10 Servers also offer accelerated data performance, enhanced computing with Intel Xeon processors and the storage density you need for large write intensive workloads. Strengthened GPU supports graphics rendering, remote virtualisation, high resolution 3D and VDI/CAD simulation workloads, with intelligent tuning that improves predictable performance and mitigates resource bottlenecks.

An overall improved management experience with RESTful API extended to Smart Array, NICs, persistent memory and firmware updates.

It’s quite simple, really. Whether your business strategy is to survive, scale, or surf the wave of its current successes, it needs to integrate IT into its plans, starting with signing up for efficient, secure, and cost-effective server provisioning.

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