December 2, 2019

How Citrix Workspace recovers lost productivity and employee morale

By Craig Oehley

Citrix Workspace will improve how we work and soothe the headaches caused by digital services.

Going back to the Sixties and Seventies, since consumer technologies overlapped with business practice, they stimulated the appetite for better, smarter and faster digital services that boost business.

But that appetite turned into a glut of information that nobody was prepared for. Today’s employees are hunted by managerial Whatsapp messages and routinely try to DND their Slack feeds. The levels of noise and volumes of information are draining the potential of digital office tools. Employees spend hours every day searching for information and then jumps between numerous applications to complete tasks.

“Every little distraction counts,” explained Craig Oehley, WorkSpace Specialist at iOCO Tech. “If you have to read an email, then click on a report link that opens an application, then navigate to the appropriate part in the application, then locate the specific information related to your task, then find and click the appropriate buttons to conclude things… it’s too much. But employees have to do so dozens, maybe even hundreds of times a day. Digital was supposed to make the workplace better, but it’s become a drag on productivity.”

Too much information and fracturing of applications are serious problems. Several solutions have been proposed to fix them. But these are point solutions focused on specific areas and don’t address the underlying issues. Then Citrix Workspace was announced.

“I have been working with workspace solutions and user experiences for most of my career, including Citrix products. But I have never seen anything like this,” said Oehley. “Citrix Workspace is an environment that presents the user with only the information and application interfaces they need to do their work. Emails, reports, administration and other elements appear in a streamlined interface, so users don’t have to jump between applications or scour lots of text to find what they need. It’s just all there.”

The new way to get things done

Citrix Workspace is a new approach to managing work. It unifies around a workflow screen where the various tasks, notifications and data are consolidated into a feed. This enables easy context switching, based on the requirements of the relevant user.  Microapps serve as the conduits, passing information and inputs between users and their applications. Sourced from Citrix Ready Apps, these are designed to only focus on what users need.

For example, if a user routinely receives certain emails that require a one-word reply, Citrix Workspace can identify that email, only present the necessary information to the user (such as the body text of the latest message) and supply buttons to quickly generate a short ‘yes’, ‘no’ or whatever is needed.

All this happens inside the Citrix Workspace workflow – users are not distracted or expending valuable willpower jumping between apps and navigating them. It keeps them focused on the activities that let them perform.

Citrix Workspace brings many other advantages to the business as well, such as improved security, better data management, policy aggregation, user and application analytics, SaaS integration, as well as virtual centralisation of files across different locations and services. It can do so because Citrix has taken its pedigree in understanding user experiences as well as virtual desktop environments, blended with cloud and integration capabilities it developed and acquired. This is not a point solution. Citrix Workspace is an environment tailored according to what the client business needs.

“Citrix Workspace consumerises the enterprise experience,” Oehley explained. “It takes the best of modern user experiences and blends that with the requirements of a digitally-empowered business. But it recognises that no two companies are alike. So Workspace customers can select what they need and how it should engage with their existing environment. Some use it to solve specific problems – we’re seeing a lot of interest from companies with legacy systems that want to have better data management.”

Who is Citrix Workspace for? Everyone, because nobody in a modern company doesn’t interact with technology to do their jobs. Citrix Workspace enhances those interactions by addressing the drawbacks of a digital environment: information overload, unnecessary complexity, fragmentation and a lack of visibility.

Working closely with Citrix to deliver those values, Aptronics enjoys a close relationship with the evolution of Citrix Workspace. A part of the iOCO group, Aptronics uses its internal capabilities and Citrix expertise to develop strategies and integration that complements the workflows of its customers.

Citrix Workspace is the way to lift your workflows and competencies out of the noise of the digital glut – and it’s just the beginning, Oehley concluded: “Citrix is always demonstrating amazing new ideas, such as a microapp builder and artificial intelligence to dynamically manage workflows. This is the beginning of something big, the day digital finally came to the table with business. Keep an eye on Citrix Workspace, because it’s the future.”

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