May 12, 2021

HPE GreenLake – 10 commonly asked questions

HPE GreenLake - 10 commonly asked questions

HPE GreenLake is a pay-per-use consumption-based model that delivers hardware, software, and expertise on-premises or in the cloud. Businesses pay for only what they use instead of investing in the infrastructure and skills to provide it themselves. HPE GreenLake enables businesses to combine the simplicity, flexibility and pay-per-use economics of the cloud with the security and control on-premises infrastructure offers.

Our team of experts answer some of the most frequently asked questions about HPE GreenLake.

1.     What is the difference between As-a-Service and leasing?

With As-a-Service, you only pay for what you use (above an agreed threshold), unlike a lease, where you pay the same amount each month—even if your usage has gone down.

2.     How do we determine our initial capacity needs?

Aptronics and HPE will work with you to assess your current and projected capacity requirements. We will study your historical usage and predict the future based on that data, ensuring that capacity is always right-sized for minimal overprovisioning. We will include a local buffer to enable your business to scale if required, so you’ll never run out or experience downtime. This extra capacity can expand into the public cloud when needed to meet any demands quickly, providing flexibility and agility. As your business grows, your IT needs change, and you can scale resources up or down according to demand.

3.     How does HPE know what capacity we are using?

HPE GreenLake uses advanced metering technology to determine your usage. The units that are metered vary according to your specific HPE GreenLake solution—a unit can be a server, blade, physical core, compute unit, GB, TB, compute module, or port, for example. The consumption data generated is available to you anytime through HPE GreenLake Central, an intuitive self-service portal and operations console. HPE GreenLake Central provides transparency across usage and consumption, and you can use it to generate your own reports. HPE GreenLake Central enables accurate pay-per-use billing that scales up and down with usage.

4.     What cloud services does HPE GreenLake deliver?

HPE GreenLake offers a rich portfolio of self-serve, pay-per-use cloud services that can be scaled up or down and managed for you by Aptronics and HPE. This portfolio encompasses a range of pre-integrated configurations available in small, medium, and large sizes at the edge, colocation, or data centre and includes virtual machines (VMs), storage, compute, data protection, container services, SAP HANA, VDI, networking and more.

You choose the services for your key workloads, select the operating experience, and pay with a workload-related metric based on actual metered usage. Aptronics and HPE will provide the expertise to support, meter and manage your capacity needs, along with any additional services required to operate your IT stack so that you can put your staff to better use.

5.     What is HPE GreenLake Central?

HPE GreenLake Central is an advanced software platform that delivers a consistent cloud experience for all apps and data through an intuitive, integrated self-service console that runs, manages and optimises your entire hybrid cloud estate.

HPE GreenLake Central meters actual cloud usage transparently and accurately. You can use the self-service portal and operations console to get the information and insights you need to govern your clouds. You can also initiate requests to get the resources and analysis you need to support your business.

The recommendation engine in HPE’s Consumption Analytics Portal helps you maximise resources, predict capacity needs and optimise cloud spend. HPE GreenLake provides sophisticated governance and continuous monitoring of over 1,500 compliance controls for most regulatory frameworks, helping you to quickly spot and fix any issues—with the confidence to pass any audit through HPE Managed Compliance Controls.  

6.     How can HPE GreenLake help to accelerate digital transformation?

HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience—self-serve, pay-per-use, scale up and down and managed for you—to apps and data no matter where they reside, providing the agility and speed you need to create new experiences, opportunities and efficiencies.

HPE GreenLake can accelerate digital transformation edge-to-cloud with cloud services delivered in edges, colocations and data centres. It enables you to transform your apps without costly, time-consuming refactoring using cloud services for containers provided by the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform (100% open-source Kubernetes).

HPE GreenLake can also transform data for insights by meeting your data gravity, sovereignty, and compliance needs. HPE GreenLake provides complete visibility of costs and controls through one integrated operating model, enabling you to transform service delivery across every part of your business.

7.     What value can Aptronics add?

Aptronics brings the skills and expertise to help you accelerate your digital transformation at every step. We take a holistic approach, considering factors such as technology, people, processes, economics and sustainability, to help you to define the optimal mix of clouds based on your business objectives and needs. We’ll help you design the right approach for each workload, modernise and migrate to the right combination for all workloads, at every scale, with our IP, proven methodologies and then optimise and manage it for you.

Together with HPE, we will fully manage your cloud services, filling skills gaps and freeing up your resources so they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

8.     Can you build solutions with the leading cloud providers?

Yes. HPE GreenLake supports a multi-cloud strategy and enables you to integrate your private infrastructure with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other public cloud solutions to create an enterprise-ready hybrid cloud.

9.     What are some of the key benefits of HPE GreenLake?

HPE GreenLake brings the agility and scalability of the cloud with the control, compliance and security to help you transform the services you deliver across your business.

HPE GreenLake can simplify IT and enable organisations to accelerate their response to business demands. Traditionally IT projects can take months to implement and often involve lengthy processes to procure additional capacity. HPE GreenLake’s pay-per-use model enables quick provisioning of IT resources and speeds the time to deploy projects significantly, giving you a competitive edge.

A utility-based model can also lower costs and free up capital—there are no large upfront CapEx payments, which preserves cash flow, and no risk of overprovisioning capacity. HPE GreenLake Central increases control and insight by providing an integrated view of cost, governance, performance, operations and security. You can keep tabs on your IT spending, forecast capacity, and monitor compliance. Intuitive consumption analytics provide clarity on costs and usage for on-premises HPE GreenLake deployments, as well as public cloud, informing decisions about where to align your IT spend, how to optimise costs, and when to plan for more capacity, which can be scaled up or down on demand.

You can boost productivity by reducing the support load on your IT team, freeing them up to focus on more innovative business projects. We’ll manage HPE GreenLake for you—this reduces the cost of support and professional services.

10. How do I calculate the financial costs and benefits of moving to the cloud?

The benefits of cloud include agility, flexibility, scalability and utilisation. High-utilisation reduces IT spend; however, it hampers agility and stalls innovation and growth.

Cloud enables you to control the provisioning and de-provisioning of resources as needed which improves utilisation significantly. It also reduces costs and enables you to quickly address business issues without having to wait for software and hardware procurement and installation which can cause lengthy delays.

Moving to cloud reduces infrastructure and operational costs. It also reduces the IT resources required for infrastructure-related tasks. It enables greater developer productivity, decreases human error and allows organisations to reimagine their business quickly and improve customer experience.

The Forrester Research ROI estimator tool can help you to estimate your potential ROI from HPE GreenLake, based on their analysis and study.

Contact us to learn more or chat with our team of specialists to discover the value HPE GreenLake can add to your business.

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