June 8, 2018

Learn from the industry that’s on the money with cyber crime prevention

Every business is vulnerable to cyber crime attacks, regardless of size or industry, but the financial services industry (where cyber crime costs more than any other, according to a Ponemon Institute report) is more attuned than most to the threats of digital crime.

Regardless of your business sector, your enterprise faces many of the same challenges as financial institutions, and should apply some financial services sector wisdom to minimise threats.

Research commissioned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and conducted by Frost & Sullivan highlighted that all applications and workloads (not just new ones) must be configured to:

  • Comply with increasingly stringent regulatory mandates that vary by geography, and that may change at any time.
  • Protect sensitive customer data, as well as their own intellectual property, from the growing risk of loss or breach.
  • Ensure that increasingly intelligent customer-facing and internal applications are always available, consistent, and fast.
  • Respond quickly to competitive and market conditions.
  • Meet business needs for cost-effectiveness.

Although they were initially slow cloud adopters, financial services enterprises, financial services firms have also edged past their colleagues in other industries in hybrid cloud adoption. The Frost & Sullivan research shows that 30% of IT leaders in financial firms say their company has adopted a fully functional hybrid cloud strategy whereas just 21% of firms across all other industries have done so.

The research concludes by saying that it may be easy to think that hardware is not as significant a consideration in an era of ‘software-defined everything’ but the infrastructure foundation is what makes the difference between applications that run optimally and those that just run.

In the digital era, when margins are tight, competition is tough, and disruptors threaten to grab your customers and market share at any moment, ‘good enough’ application delivery may no longer be “good enough” to keep you in business. When it comes to your data centre, it’s smart to take your lead from the financial services industry. That makes it worthwhile to read the entire Frost & Sullivan report for insights into smart steps your business can take.

It’s also noting that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Gen10 Servers help you adapt your IT fast, with Intelligent System Tuning, HPE Scalable Persistent Memory, and advances in server networking and storage. Using HPE Gen10 Servers also means you’re able to only pay for the server resources you use, scaling on demand without over-provisioning or incurring unexpected costs.

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