Our SLA-driven Managed Services focus on data centre operations. Our approach aims to reduce the operating costs of our clients’ data centres and put clients in contact with the kind of specialised skillsets needed for true end-to-end infrastructure support, and to deliver said support within an agreed-upon time frame. We aim to ensure the fast resolution of support issues, and to streamline IT operational efficiencies and infrastructure availability so that down time of any sort becomes unlikely.

Since even the best intentions aren’t enough to guarantee a data centre won’t, at some point, suffer some sort of failure, the next-best thing is to know that your support team can mitigate the damage and work to maintain business continuity. 

We’re able to provide world-class disaster recovery support that aims to restore core functionality, minimise data loss and restore critical data as quickly as possible after a major incident.

Beyond just the data centre itself, we can assist in resource succession planning for key IT services within your business. We’re able to evaluate the core competencies of key staff and up-skill where necessary, and help put plans in place to ensure continued operational efficiency in the event of a critical member of staff leaving or being unavailable.

We take a consultative approach to our managed services in which we thoroughly evaluate our clients’ current and future needs and offer our services accordingly. We’ve learned from experience that our customers are all unique, and that there’s no “one size fits all” approach that works for everyone. 

Essentially, you can hand all of your IT over to us, and we’ll manage, improve, maintain and expand it according to your stated business requirements.

We use our proven method, which we call the Aptronics Transition Management Framework, to address our clients’ needs. It consists of a four-step process: exploration, where we propose the service; pre-transition, where we start the transition; transition, where the transition is built; and service delivery, where the solution goes live and the day-to-day management, monitoring and reporting of your infrastructure is begun by us in earnest.

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