February 26, 2021

MUR Shipping case study

“We’ve been running a finely tuned Citrix solution for many years. Going into the COVID-19 pandemic, the Citrix solution gave us a head start in knowing that our infrastructure was secure.”

Vernon Smit

IT Manager, MUR Shipping


The international COVID19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns were not anticipated.

Being a 24/7 global business this created an immediate requirement for more people to be connected and working remotely. Some staff were not able to work from home             due to a lack of equipment and/or Virtual Apps and Desktops technology internet service.    


MUR staff adjusted easily and found no difference in experience or performance whether working at the office or from home.

This made the transition seamless and had no negative impact on the business.


As a market leading provider of innovative shipping solutions to the dry bulk industry, MUR undertakes over 1,100 independent voyages on behalf of 300 clients annually.


 MUR Shipping have been utilizing Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops technology for approximately 15 years, enabling their staff to work from all over the globe.

To accommodate the required additional workload the solution was easily scaled up for additional resources to accommodate the new load.

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