April 14, 2020

Remote Work Planning

We’re here to help. With COVID-19 spreading globally, Aptronics and Lakeside Software are offering support to help you manage the productivity and user experience of your employees currently working remotely. If you haven’t yet started your remote working initiative, we can also help you plan to ensure success first time.

During this challenging time, we are providing a FREE Remote Work Planning and Performance Monitoring solution that will allow IT to monitor and support users when they work from home. With this cloud-delivered tool, you will be able to answer questions like:

What devices and applications do my users need to perform essential job functions?

Which users have what they need to work from home and which require additional support?

Proactively monitor and address problems using intelligent sensors and actions

How are applications and devices performing now that users are remote?

What is the root cause of problems for my remote users?

What quality of end-user experience are my remote users receiving, and how can it be improved?

Monitor and Support Remote Work with SysTrack & Aptronics

 Click here for your report:

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