March 15, 2019

Save on CPU memory and storage


Take advantage of our free vSphere Optimization Assessment

vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA), powered by vRealize Operations, provides 360-degree visibility into capacity, performance and configuration across multi-cloud environments through predictive analytics and unified single console. For customers looking to manage everything from their infrastructure stack to applications, and save on their cloud resources, VOA provides four powerful reports that assess the configuration, performance, capacity, and cost and events of your virtualised environment:

Configuration Report: This report highlights the inconsistencies in configurations at various levels, such as virtual machines, hosts, clusters and virtual networks.

Performance Report: This report identifies and isolates problems that may affect your applications. It provides a line of sight into the full stack to isolate and identify root causes quickly.

Capacity and Cost Report: This report helps with capacity procurement decisions, reducing wastage through reclamation and tracking usage trends to avoid performance problems due to capacity shortfalls. More importantly, it provides a cost perspective on capacity utilisation and reclamation.

Analyse Events Report: This report gives insight into alerts in your own environment, not by focusing on each alert, but by analysing which alerts need your attention.

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