February 25, 2021

Seamlessly enable remote workspaces


Growthpoint had been running Citrix for 11-12 years, which meant, the  platform did not present any challenges when enabling a remote work plan.

Their biggest challenge was related to hardware availability and ensuring all users had sufficient internet connections


Growthpoint procured 50 new licenses from Aptronics and were able to seamlessly enable remote workspaces for all of their staff.

They described the Citrix platform as clean and user friendly, making it easy to adopt for new users..

Citrix made their disaster recovery plan a lot less stressful and they were comfortable for all staff to work from home.


75-80% of users were able to login within minutes and work continued as normal.

Multi-factor authentication meant that once logged in, users could interact with the app exactly as they would in the office.


 “Going into lockdown, how well Citrix would function was not a concern. What did worry us was the additional licenses we urgently needed. We were able to procure these through Aptroncis very quickly, and that meant that we could ensure that our employees were able to work remotely.”

Nishlen Moodley, IT Manager, Growthpoint Properties LTD

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