Reinventing cybersecurity to solve business problems

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Expanding security beyond the virtual machine
ITaaS via the cloud offers tangible benefits for your business:
  • Anywhere, anytime availability of applications and services.
  • Around-the-clock proactive cybersecurity solutions to prevent cyber harm.
  • A more strategic, efficient and cost-effective approach to business continuity.
  • Pay only for what you use, rather than purchasing expensive solutions.
  • Instant flexibility, scalability and reliability.
  • Future-proofing with constant access to the latest software and technologies.
How we empower your business:

Aptronics paves the way for businesses to take a more strategic and efficient approach to IT by placing technology at the core of business operations.

By rethinking the way we do IT, together, organisations can change their mind set and modify their operating models. We deliver comprehensive world-class solutions and services tailored to industry requirements to enable IT departments to achieve, optimise and accelerate business strategy.

Reinventing IT

ITaaS is a model that provides IT as set of services, delivered on-demand. This transforms IT from a reactive business division focused on service delivery to one capable of fueling business growth through proactive innovation

Our Offerings within the ITaaS Model

Aptronics Managed Security

Cost-effective managed cybersecurity solutions delivered by certified security engineers to solve real business security problems and meet regulatory requirements with auditable processes.

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Aptronics Backup

 The fastest, most efficient cloud backup possible, available for ALL workloads(virtual, physical and cloud) from a single management console – any app, any data, on any cloud.

One-click restore for everything from entire VMs to individual files

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Aptronics Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based disaster recovery for businesses of all sizes – rapid recovery of whatever you want, the way you want it.

Available for any app, any data on any cloud. Recovery of any IT service, applications and data within minutes

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