April 25, 2018

Six nines uptime gives your business the competitive edge

Six nines uptime

By: Richard Blewitt, Sales Director at Aptronics

There’s no question about it: your business needs its applications up and running all the time – which means it needs non-stop, always-on storage. It also means that that there’s simply no time for downtime or delays – the obstacles on your business journey that annoy your customers and give your competitors the edge.

Every vendor offers solutions that respond to these speedbumps and potholes in your business – but imagine the efficiency you could achieve if you simply didn’t have to worry about constantly keeping an eye out for obstacles because your storage solution’s AI took care of it all, without you having to think about it?

InfoSight, a service offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Nimble, applies data science to identify, predict, and prevent problems across infrastructure layers.

Predictive health signatures are assigned to any new problem experienced in the installed base, and InfoSight intelligently uses pattern-matching algorithms and continuously searches for signatures across the systems.
If a signature is detected, InfoSight either prevents the problem from occurring or proactively resolves it with a prescriptive resolution, even if the problem is outside of storage.

There are no false alerts as machine learning normalises performance behaviour across the installed base. Each system continually gets smarter, learning from the installed base, and downtime events are increasingly prevented.
InfoSight extends beyond your storage, however, and can find and fix other issues such as misconfigurations, host, network, or virtual machine problems.

Nimble has been doing this for over six years, which means that InfoSight has more diagnostic sensor data and predictive insights than any other vendor. With InfoSight and the power of predictive analytics, measured availability is greater than six nines (99.9999%) today and continues improving for all systems.

What does six nines mean for your business? Simply, it means that you can trust your business’s access to non-stop, always-on storage to be up for all but 25 seconds in a year – and that’s absolute worst-case scenario.

Can your competitors be as confident with their solution?

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