Dealing with disruption – from challenge to change

Dealing with disruption - from challenge to change

COVID-19 has been a massively disruptive force—it has caused businesses to close, forced people to work from home, accelerated the rate of technological adoption and pressed organisations to reinvent themselves overnight to remain sustainable and survive.

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Aptronics involved in developing and growing the pool of ICT resources

Aptronics Skills Development

Aptronics committed to transforming the information communication technology (ICT) sectors through skills development. Aptronics has seen real value and results come out of its skills development and training partnership with HP Business Institute (HPBI). The company currently employs seven bright postgraduates from the HPBI Techie 201 programme – an initiative borne out of a need to develop and grow the pool of skills in the ICT sector.

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Addressing the skills shortage in IT

Addressing the skills shortage in SA

Don’t let the number of IT graduates fool you, there is still a lack of technical skills in the industry. Here’s what we need to do about it. More people are choosing to pursue careers in IT than ever before. Yet, paradoxically, the pool of quality IT engineers is shrinking. There is a shortage of real-world IT skills and in-depth technical knowledge. The few engineers we do have have the potential to hold the whole industry at ransom.

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We are Closing

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