May 26, 2021

The top 6 Reasons to consider HPE Primera

The top 6 reasons to consider HPE Primera

By Martin Vorster, Account Manager at Aptronics

IDC predicts that the amount of data created over the next three years will surpass the data created over the past 30 years, and this trend is set to continue at an exponential rate. Data is a strategic business asset, and most business leaders realise the importance of having an agile, intelligent and resilient high-end storage infrastructure to protect and manage their data.

HPE Primera is Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) new platform for mission-critical storage. It provides an unmatched storage experience with unique innovations across intelligence, hardware, and software. If your organisation’s traditional high-end storage can no longer keep up with evolving business demands, we’ve put together a list of the top 6 reasons why you should consider upgrading to HPE Primera.

1.     Powered by HPE InfoSight

HPE Primera uses HPE InfoSight for managing infrastructure performance and uptime in the data centre. HPE InfoSight uses artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-based machine-learned (ML) algorithms to predict and prevent disruptions across storage, servers and virtual machines before they arise and provide automated recommendations. This analytical approach eliminates guesswork and enables IT to identify and detect the root cause of storage performance issues in real-time.

HPE acquired Infosight as part of its Nimble acquisition in 2017, and the platform is constantly growing and improving. Over the past decade, it has analysed over 1250 trillion data points pulled from different devices globally, providing rich insights to optimise performance and transforming how storage is managed and supported. It reduces the time spent on managing storage significantly, lowers operational expenses, guarantees application availability and accelerates performance.

2.     Backed by a 100% Availability Guarantee

Application uptime is vital for today’s businesses—downtime of mission-critical apps means lost time and money and can damage a company’s reputation. HPE Primera offers a 100% data availability guarantee that ensures no disruptions, corruptions, or delays and provides app-aware resiliency.

HPE Primera uses HPE InfoSight’s predictive analytics to analyse application patterns and predict and prevent disruptions across the infrastructure stack. HPE InfoSight protects against silent corruptions with end-to-end data integrity, facilitating business continuity with automatic site failover. It also modernises and extends data protection to the cloud for mission-critical applications. The 100% Availability Guarantee is standard for customers with a proactive support contract.

3.     Based on a services-centric OS

HPE Primera’s operating system (OS) helps eliminate risk and simplifies management. The OS boasts a unique modular, service-centric design—one of the chief enablers for HPE’s 100% Availability Guarantee.

A monolithic OS has tightly coupled data services which translates to a more complex upgrade process that typically requires vendor support. Features such as the I/O stack, RAID, cluster communication, HBA drivers, remote copy, and data reduction are implemented as independent services within HPE Primera’s OS. These data services can be self-deployed, upgraded, and restarted independently of each other without rebooting the controllers, reducing risk and enabling safer, faster, more frequent updates—and as new features become available, they can be added in minutes.

4.     Delivers the cloud experience with intelligence and composability

Digital transformation is driving today’s businesses to accelerate innovation to remain sustainable and competitive. As companies digitise, they require the IT resources for their mission-critical applications to be delivered with increased speed and agility—they can’t afford for their customer experience to be impacted by the latency between apps and data.

HPE Primera is integrated with HPE Synergy to provide an intelligent and composable software-defined experience enabling businesses to develop new products and services faster than their competitors and accelerate the time to value. Composable infrastructure allows a dynamic pool of resources to be quickly provisioned and broken down as needed. This provides agility—infrastructure converts to code that automatically deploys workloads with speed and efficiency. Integrating HPE Primera into composability provides an intelligent cloud foundation that supports both traditional and modern cloud-native apps.

5.     Features all-active architecture

HPE Primera is uniquely positioned to maximise every resource. It features a massively parallel, multi-node all-active architecture—data can simultaneously access every SSD, node, and port, providing limitless parallelisation. This optimises the system for NVMe and Storage Class Memory and delivers high-performance density. HPE Primera tunes itself with balanced I/O across all physical components for predictable performance and ultra-low latency, providing mission-critical resiliency and making it the ideal platform for consolidating traditional and next-generation, mission-critical applications.

6.     Simplifies the user experience

Many organisations are finding it increasingly complex to administer their storage and ensure the security of their data. HPE Primera eliminates these complexities and frees up businesses to manage their data rather than their storage. It is easy to set up, manage, and operate and offers a simplified user experience that provides more agility and reduces the time spent on deploying and managing storage dramatically.

HPE Primera’s unique operating system delivers a self-service user experience. The setup is automated with streamlined workflows, and it takes around 20 minutes for IT teams to deploy and just seconds to provision.

HPE Primera automatically tunes itself using all-active, always-on data reduction and RAID 6, eliminating the need to balance nodes. HPE InfoSight’s global intelligence brings powerful insights and determines which updates are required. The services-centric OS minimises risk and ensures upgrades are transparent and without disruption.

Many organisations have adopted a hybrid-cloud model. HPE Primera extends data protection to the cloud enabling them to move data seamlessly from the edge to the cloud in minutes. And with HPE GreenLake, HPE Primera is available as-a-service for elastic consumption and pay-as-you-go so that it can grow with your business needs.

Partnering with Aptronics and HPE

Together, Aptronics and HPE have the solutions, skills and expertise to assist you in transforming the technology that drives your business. Our consultative approach focuses on understanding your current and future business goals and rethinking how technology can be used to help you keep pace with innovation and deliver real business value.

To learn more about HPE’s Primera intelligent data platform or find out how Aptronics and HPE can help you reimagine your storage infrastructure, please contact our team of specialists.

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