April 26, 2021

What is HPE GreenLake? How As-a-Service works

HPE GreenLake

By Richard Blewitt, Sales Director at Aptronics

There will always be market and technology disruptions impacting businesses across all sectors. An organisation’s ability to rapidly shift its business model through digital transformation to adapt to change can mean the difference between success and failure.

Cloud is the technology that is enabling digital transformation. Cloud-based infrastructure offers simplicity, cost-savings, and the speed and agility to develop and scale new applications and capabilities to meet business objectives. Agility means reducing the deployment times for IT projects and improving the time to value for investments; however, most applications and data cannot be migrated to the cloud and must remain on-premises for numerous reasons, including security, performance, flexibility, and compliance. The traditional on-premises IT model offers stability and availability of services rather than the speed and scalability that cloud delivers. That’s where HPE GreenLake comes in.

HPE GreenLake is a consumption-based IT model that brings the agility and economics of the cloud to applications and data—no matter where they reside—with on-premises control, enabling businesses to drive digital transformation and simplify their operations while reducing costs and risk.


In 2019, HPE’s CEO, Antonio Neri, pledged that by 2022 the company would be consumption-driven with everything delivered As-a-Service. Consumption-based IT means that CIOs do not have to invest large amounts of capital into modernising their infrastructure, reducing IT overhead costs and improving cash flow. HPE GreenLake is a fully managed utility-based solution where businesses only pay for the capacity they use, eliminating the risk of under-, or over-provisioning capacity and effectively reducing costs.

Organisations no longer need to endure lengthy IT procurement cycles before developing and launching new projects. HPE GreenLake offers a broad range of pre-configured infrastructure and services that can help IT simplify operations, scale and manage hybrid-cloud environments. These include composable, general compute and storage-optimised options, designed as modular building blocks that can be combined to support different types of workloads.

  • Composable infrastructure with HPE Synergy for virtual, containerised, hybrid cloud, and DevOps environments
  • General compute with HPE ProLiant or HPE Apollo servers for back-office applications, a foundation for hybrid clouds, backup and archive, and most common applications
  • Storage-optimised with HPE ProLiant or HPE Apollo servers for Big Data analytics, software-defined storage, backup, archive and data-intensive storage workloads

How it works

Aptronics and HPE will assess a company’s current and projected capacity requirements and include a local buffer to enable the business to scale if they need to. This extra capacity can expand into the public cloud when required to meet any demands quickly, providing flexibility and agility.

The pre-configured compute infrastructure is delivered and installed in the company’s data centre or colocation facility, enabling them to be up and running almost immediately. Once the infrastructure is operational, developers and lines of business can begin provisioning the virtual machines and container services they need to get to work enabling organisations to speed time to market and giving them a competitive edge. It also reduces the risk of Shadow IT as departments and individuals do not need to wait for technology refresh cycles for resources.  

Aptronics and HPE will manage all infrastructure, upgrades and maintenance, reducing complexity for IT teams, helping to close skills gaps and freeing people up to focus on strategic initiatives and business innovation.

Metering technology—based on a wide choice of metrics—is used to measure consumption accurately and effectively manage capacity, ensuring that a company only pays for what it uses. HPE GreenLake Central is an advanced Software-as-a-Service platform that provides CIOs with a consistent, centralised cloud experience for all the business’s applications and data. HPE GreenLake Central provides visibility into usage and costs from one central dashboard. CIOs have complete control of their applications and data. They can monitor usage trends in real-time and plan and manage capacity based on actual and predicted use, which improves budgeting and forecasting. They can scale on-demand, set budgets, create reports, monitor security, compliance and performance, and gather business insights.

Aptronics and HPE PointNext Services

Aptronics and HPE offer a range of advisory, professional and operational support services to help organisations accelerate their digital transformation through HPE GreenLake.

Aptronics is a strategic and committed HPE Platinum partner and trusted advisor, and its team of specialists carry the highest levels of certifications, skills and expertise across the HPE portfolio. Together, Aptronics and HPE take a consultative approach focused on designing and implementing the right technology solutions that deliver real business value.

Contact us to learn more or chat with our team of specialists to discover the value HPE GreenLake can add to your business.

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